PV Group - Call for Participation in SEMI PV Gases and Chemicals Task Force

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Call for Participation in SEMI PV Gases and Chemicals Standards Task Force

By Kevin Nguyen, International Standards, SEMI & Marty Burkhart, Hi Pure Tech, Inc.

The SEMI Photovoltaic (PV) Gases and Liquid Chemical Purity Standards Task Force was formed in 2008 with the objective of defining the purity requirements of materials used by manufacturers of solar cells, much like the SEMI Standards that have assisted semiconductor material suppliers and manufacturers through the years.  Following the formation of this task force, we on the supply and design side have done our best to produce what we think is an adequate set of documents (gases and chemicals) representing PV manufacturers’ needs.   The publication and release of PV3-0310 — Guide For High Purity Water Used In Photovoltaic Processing, is our first example.

The success of the PV industry is dependent on the ability to manage costs and achieve grid parity.  Gas and chemical raw materials used in PV production processes are a significant portion of the overall cost stack.  However, without continued input from the PV manufacturers, including both procurement and technical inputs, we could be incorrectly specifying the product purity of gases and chemicals used in PV processing.  This could result in inappropriate materials or inhibiting material suppliers’ efforts to provide the most suitable process materials that impact the PV industry’s manufacturing costs. 

The task force is continuing work on ballots for ten other chemicals, including Hydrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Hydrochloric Acid, and Phosphoric Acid, and needs your feedback. PV manufacturers are encouraged to participate in the mobilized volunteer technical force coordinated by SEMI to complete the defining of gas and chemical specifications used by your industry.  The SEMI Standards Program provides a large pool of resources to address common industry challenges, and through participation, PV manufacturers can realize the same benefits to growth and profitability that have been demonstrated in the semiconductor industry.

If you have any questions about participation or would like to join our task force please contact either Kevin Nguyen at knguyen@semi.org or Marty Burkhart at martyburkhart@hipuretech.com.

PV Group, The Grid – April 2010